I haven't posted to this site before, but I thought some of you could possibly benefit from this information.

Are any of your 16-bit Windows socket based programs having problems when they try to make a connection? A 16-bit program that my company produces was. After some research, it turned out that when a Winsock "connect()" function was requested, a variety of Windows error messages would occur and our 16-bit application would terminate. A 16-bit Telnet application I tried had problems also (blue screen of death).

I discovered an article (Q279866) on the Microsoft site that discussed a similar problem. The error message in the article didn't match, but the problem was blamed on the Winsock "connect()" function and the IPHLPAPI.DLL. The root problem was a "stack overflow". In my experience, a stack overflow can result in a variety of Windows error messages depending on the application that encounters it.

When I first discovered the article (2/2/2001), there wasn't a link in it to download the fix. Microsoft has since updated the article (2/6/2001) and there is a link to an update download now. The update (which contained a new IPHLPAPI.DLL) did fix the problem we were having. I also ran the Microsoft sites "Windows Update" feature yesterday (2/8/2001) to see if it had the fix. It didn't.

Here's the URL to the article:

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