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    XP LPT Ports (XP Home (recent))

    I've installed all the XP updates to March/02, I've read all the relevant threads here and at PC911; and I CANNOT get XP to recognize and use any other than LPT1. This on a machine running under W98se that would recognize and use three LPTs (almost) simultaneously using an add-in card.

    It's hard to believe that with all the Microsoft talent and months of beta testing that no-one uncovered such a flagrant flaw. I don't want to discard my working scanner, Zip disk, and second printer because MicroSoft XP cannot accommodate the ports that use them.

    Is there some important idea, notion, fix out there that will make the XP OS accept additional LPTs?

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    Re: XP LPT Ports (XP Home (recent))

    Believe me, "all the Microsoft talent and months of beta testing" was used to force you to buy a newer computers, scanners, ZIP drives, printers and programs because THEY want to increase their revenue.
    However, with some tricks you still can use your antique (before 2000) equipment.
    To add printer ports (LPT) to your WinXP, press Windows key and Pause/Break key on your keyboard simultaneously. Click Hardware tab, then Add Hardware Wizard button. Follow the wizard, choosing each time manual ("not recommended") option and install Standard port | Printer port (it will be your LPT2). Repeat this procedure for LPT3.
    But check first, are additional parallel port connectors (on your PCI or ISA card) working. If not, you must install driver for this card first (check your card manufacturer website for appropriate driver).
    Good luck!

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