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    Lacking the intellect to make a rule (2002)

    I am using XP & Outlook 2002 (part of Office XP) on a dial-up connection from home. I would like to have a rule such that when messages are received from specific people (not necessarily in my contact list), Outlook will automatically generate a return (reply) email containing a message to that person.

    I have successfully created the rule except that I am unable to have the message text inserted in the reply. This success is by using the MAIL.OFT template. I also created a new template (NOTIFY.OFT) that contains my message text. Problem is, when I use the new template, it does not insert the address of the originator (to whom I reply). Hence, it goes to the Outbox but is not sent... pending an addressee. In other words, I can make it work correctly as long as I use the MAIL.OFT template without any message text. If I use the NOTIFY.OFT template, the message is included but it won't work since the adressee is not automatically inserted.

    The procedures listed at are exactly what i did... just doesn't work.

    Am I asking too much of Outlook? If not, how do I do this?

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    Re: Lacking the intellect to make a rule (2002)

    I have Office 2000, and it's slightly different. However, if your rule is set up to Reply using... then Outlook should reply to sender. If the rule is correct, try creating a new .OFT file.

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