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    Windows Installer Problems

    Here's a weird problem I'm trying to solve. I have a user who's running Win2K and claims they installed a program that uses Windows Installer and the program worked fine the first day they installed it. After that first day, they couldn't get the program to run, so they uninstalled it, then re-installed the program. The user said the program still didn't run, so they tried a repair, uninstall, etc... At some point during this process, when they restarted the Windows Installer app. would pop up and show a: Preparing to Install dialogue box. That prompt would then go away after 2-3 sec. and not return. They also claim that the "Preparing to Install" dialogue box will pop up when they open new windows. When they tried to remove the program from the Add/Remove programs list, they would get an error saying: "Another Installation is in progress. Please quit that installation before..." Normally I would attribute this error to an old setup.exe or an old msi file sitting in a temp folder. This user has deleted all the files from the temp folders in both the C:WinNTTemp directory, and under the Documents and SettingsUserNameLocal SettingsTemp directory. They also deleted the registry entries for the suspected rogue program from the HKey_LocalMachine/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Unistall registry key so the program no longer shows up in the add remove programs list. They also say they've done searches for *setup.exe, *.msi, etc. and have not come across any files sitting on the hard drive that they think would be triggering the setup. I would think that there would have to be a file sitting there somewhere to trigger the setup. They continue to get Windows Installer popping up to say: "Preparing to Install" and then disappearing. They can no longer try to do a repair or remove, as they took the registry entry out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to try solve this? Hopefully I haven't been too confusing in trying to explain this.

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    Re: Windows Installer Problems

    You must clean the mess manually. Delete corresponding msi file from %windir%Installer (it will be renamed, you must check Properties for each msi file to find it). Then delete all entries in the Registry (you must search through the Registry to find all of them). Then, you can delete files on the hard drive. Reboot computer and make sure uninstall is complete (no error messages in Application Events - and System events also, of course). After that you can make new installation from Install Mode (Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Install New Program). Make sure the installed program is not a demo or trial version, was not pirated or cracked and is properly installed and activated.

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