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    merging docs (office 2000)

    hi all,

    would like to merge (or copy/paste) a few word files into a single file. Simple enough, however, each file has it's own header and footer and that has to remain intact... ( don't ask, that's what the dept head wants). from what I've notice, the header/footer from the master (or original) file is filtered down to any subsequent pages...anyway to force the appended page in as is keeping it's original header /footers.


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    Re: merging docs (office 2000)

    I haven't tried this but I think it should work
    <UL><LI>Create a new document
    <LI>Go to the master document view
    <LI>Insert each of the required files as a sub document
    <LI>Remove all the sub-documents again[/list]I am pretty sure that the final document won't know it was ever a master document.


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    Re: merging docs (office 2000)

    If you copy and paste the final paragraph mark, you bring over the section attributes of that section into the new document, including headers and footers. Options are to change your selection to avoid copying that last paragraph symbol, or to use Insert|File... rather than copy/paste.

    (Disclaimer: This is from memory; I didn't test to confirm before posting.)

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    Re: merging docs (office 2000)

    Headers and footers are in the section marks. For reasons set forth in How can I best use Master Documents? (, I don't recommend using the Master Document feature for this.

    Composite document = "DocX"

    Component document 1 = "DocA"
    Component document 2 = "DocB"

    Open DocA and DocB. Ctrl-End to go to the end of the documents. Insert => Break => Section => New Page

    in each of these. This gives you a section break you can manipulate. In each, go into header/footer view and change it from "Same as Previous" on the toolbar. Do this in all headers/footers, moving from the end of the document to the front.

    Open DocX and insert a section break. View the header/footer and also make it not "Same as Previous."

    Return to normal or print view (get out of headers and footers) in all documents.

    Copy everything from DocA except the last paragraph mark into DocX, then do the same with DocB.

    If for some reason the powers that be want you to have pagination the same as it was in the original documents, see Page Numbering in Word

    You may have an extra section break or two at the end of the document. Getting rid of these is more trouble than it is worth. You may also want to take a look at the IncludeText tutorial on my downloads page. (see under signature)
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