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    I use Word 2000 in Windows 98. Is it possible to have the clipboard default to always be in the toolbar instead of free floating? Better yet, to always be in the toolbar without my having to go to View/toolbars/ then check clipboard each time I want it? I have to manually move it to the toolbar for each document when I activate it and I use it frequently to do multiple copy and paste between documents.

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    Maura, as far as having the toolbar open at all times, you should be able to right-click anywhere in the toolbar area, click on the Clipboard icon, place it where you want in the toolbar area and it will be available for any documents that you work on. It will also stay in the toolbar area until you close the program. The problem I had was when I re-opened Word, the Clipboard was available but it was once again "floating." Maybe someone else would have an answer for you on that problem. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your answer. That is the problem I am having - that I have to reset it on the toolbar each time- that it always opens floating.

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    Hi smaura,

    Try going to the Control Panel and Accessibility Options and turn on "Show Extra Keyboard Help in Programs"

    Then dock the Clipboard toolbar (drag it to the Toolbar area or double-click its title bar) and see if it stays put.

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