I have an update query that takes a reasonable time to run and I would like to cause the SYSCMD progress meter to work with it as I have complaints about the time ie "Has this thing locked up or is it doing something?"

Can someone step me through on how to run the progress meter with a query.

I have a function involving running 6 queries one after the other and the progress bar seems to run automatically, but I get nothing when this single query is run.

Here is the SQL for the update query:

HoursTable.Fab = DSum("[Totalfab]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Turn = DSum("[TotalTurn]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Mill = DSum("[TotalMill]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Gear = DSum("[TotalGear]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Profile = DSum("[TotalPGrind]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Grind = DSum("[TotalCyl]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Slot = DSum("[TotalSlot]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.Fitt = DSum("[TotalFitt]","qryGraphTimesAll"),
HoursTable.JobPercent = DSum("[pdone]","Original","[Finished]=false")/DCount("[pdone]","Original","[Finished]=false")