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    Lotus Notes Address book - Export / Import (IE5.0, Lotus Notes R5)

    Hi --

    I searched for this topic on ALL the forums, but couldn't locate any previous posts which could answer my query...

    We need to export / import the Lotus Notes address book to a text or DBF or Excel file.
    The trouble is the exported data is not saved in a 2-Dimensional (or xBase) form .
    Each contact's details are exported into multiple rows / records.

    Is there any way to have a 'clean' export from Lotus Notes (other e-mail clients have this as a standard feature)

    The idea is to edit contact information in the exported file and then re-import it into Lotus Notes.
    AND also to use it 'outside' the Lotus Notes platform.

    Hope someone can help

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Lotus Notes Address book - Export / Import (IE5.0, Lotus Notes R5)

    Did you try looking on ?

    Specifically, try this thread:

    My experience is that if you design a view in Notes that shows the fields you want to verify, you can export that into Excel.

    Importing data back into Notes could be trickier - you may have to do it in Lotus Script - unless you could export from Excel into Outlook address book format, because I believe there is a tool for importing Outlook addresses into Notes address books.

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