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    Digital Signature / Encryption How-To? (Outlook 2000 (Corp/Workgroup) / Ex

    I'm trying to document two things:

    What's the necessary infrastructure to turn on Digital Signatures and Encryption (with notes as to where it is likely to fail - i.e., you can't send to EVERYONE in the world!)

    Procedures for digitally signing / encrypting e-mail once the infrastructure is in place.

    These are going to be going to my upper management - I need non-techie write-ups. The stuff I'm finding from MS is a little ... deep for my purposes. I'm about to start trying to rewrite it - but if someone knows where there's something better, I'd love to not have to recreate the wheel!

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    Re: Digital Signature / Encryption How-To? (Outlook 2000 (Corp/Workgroup)

    You aren't very likely to find a simple explanation of this, it's very confusing and Complex.

    Just to get you started. The technology that you use for encrypting, signing etc. is called <font color=blue>Public Key Cryptography</font color=blue>. This covers the use of public and private keys. The infrastructure you need to issue, revoke, lookup and manage Public Key Cryptography is called <font color=blue>Public Key Infrastructure</font color=blue> (PKI).

    Some helpful references include...
    The PKI Page
    An Introduction to the Windows 2000 Public Key Infrastructure
    RSA Security FAQ
    Netscape Security Resources

    But none of them is particularly easy reading.


    Edited to fix the links

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