XL 95 / 98 was unable to navigate / identify off-sheet feeds via code. Auditing arrows could be displayed using:

Application.ExecuteExcel4Macro "TRACER.DISPLAY(FALSE,TRUE)"

Trying to use .NavigateArrow ([Toward Precendent = ]True) to follow off-sheet feed returned "Navigate Arrow method or Range Class failed"

Does anyone know if off-sheet feeds can be traced directly in XL 2K (he asks hopefully)? If so, has anyone seen code to return cells containing references to other sheets / workbooks? Have tried following code without success:

Function FeedsOffsheet(TargetCell as Range, CurrentSheetName as String) as Boolean

Dim Precedents As Range
Set Precedents = TargetCell.DirectPrecedents

Dim Cell as Range
For Each Cell In Precedents
If Cell.Worksheet.Name = CurrentSheetName Then
FeedsOffsheet = True
Exit For
End If
Next Cell

End Sub

If run over a cell containing only off-sheet feeds the error "No cells found" is returned.

Obviously, could count errors arising when using .NavigateArrow. But method can fail for a range of reasons. Code is also slow.