I am a very heavy user of the Microsoft Equation Editor. (I am currently writing a college statistics textbook.) Equation Editor (EE) seems to be a very squirrelly program. It never gives me a problem when I create a new equation but I sometimes have major problems when I edit an existing equation.

If I want to write an example about how to standardize a number, it makes sense to Edit/Copy an existing formula for standardization and Paste it into the new spot and then edit it rather than starting from scratch . When I do that, it will usually work. But sometimes, it will look okay on the screen, and print okay, but if I double-click on it to edit it, it will immediately revert to the original version just as I originally pasted it into the new location. Since I can never know when this is going to happen, I ended up having to recreate every single equation from scratch even if I just need to change one tiny thing.

Saving the document as RTF and converting it back to DOC does not correct the problem. Do anyone have a suggestion?