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    Organizing Excel to Access (Access 97)

    I have a question that hasn't been discussed anywhere that I have seen. My
    problem is I have spreadsheets coming up from Lotus to Excel 97. I have
    cleaned them up and was able to create/import tables in Access for them.
    Lets say there are 6 different tables all asking different information but
    quite a bit of the same information ie., name, date of birth, etc.. These
    tables came from 6 different people so the setup was different in each
    table. Anyway once I adjust the same fields to read all the same accross
    all the table ie., text, date/time, etc., is there I way I can get it so I
    don't have all of this duplicate data entry or do I have to create a new
    database? There is only one person now entering the data for all the tables
    and quite a bit of it is duplicated all across the database. I hope I have
    given enough information to figure this out.

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    Re: Organizing Excel to Access (Access 97)

    One approach would be to make all the spreadsheets exactly the same so that each sheet has the same layout. This may mean you have to add several empty columns to each sheet.

    You can then import the sheets as tables and then append them all into one table. You might find it useful to add an extra column to each spreadsheet before you import them which identifies the spreadsheet the record came from.

    You could also append the spreadsheets in to one large sheet and import that.

    Once you

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