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    Wordpro to Word2000 conversion

    Hi, Our company is just about to convert from Wordpro to Word2000. The problem is that nearly all our templates & documents use macros. Is there a converter out there that can convert Wordpro macros to Word VBAmacros or will we need to recreate all the documents? I have searched everywhere that I can think of but with no luck.

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    Re: Wordpro to Word2000 conversion

    if there is a converter out there, it will not do a good job. We recently went from WordPerfect to Word, and there isn't even an adequate converter for this function. I would recommend, printing out all of the code, making sure all of the macros are well documented and then head to a good consultant to rebuild them in Word. At least in the legal environment, I have found that Perfect Access/Speer is a good place to start for a consultant. What types of functions do the macros perform?

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    Re: Wordpro to Word2000 conversion

    Thanks for your reply. Yes we have employed a contractor to manually recreate all macros which took 1 month. I still can't believe there is no product to do this, especially with the push to Word by Corporate IT. I suppose it is a one-off event but likely to happen to many large organisations, especially Wordperfect users, in the future.

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