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    Access 2K (2000)

    Been wrestling this one for about two months now and I'm no further along.

    I have a form that contains
    the Date as Long Date,
    the time as Medium Time
    a string field.

    I want those fields to create a string entry in a fourth field call Code.
    I want the date to be entered first in the format of "yymmdd" and the time as the hour only in two digits "hh" and the string to be the first 8 characters. I want each item seperated by a hyphen"-"
    Sounds simple enough, but it's as if it can't red the entries in the field to gather this info. I have written this out as a function where I have to input the date time and string myself and it works great in the immediate window. After that it doesn't work. I'm hopelessly lost. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Access 2K (2000)

    Well, to start with, Long Date and Medium Time are formats rather than datatypes. What are you actually *storing* in the fields bound to the controls? Or are they in fact bound at all?

    If your function works, then you call it from one of the events of the form, for example, the Form_BeforeUpdate, and set the value of the text field to the result of the function.

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