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    Line count in a Form (Word, VBA)

    I am hoping someone can help me. I am going to attach a
    portion of the multi-page report that I have been beating
    myself up over for several weeks now. I have two
    Narrative sections in this report. A JPG image is in the
    background only for practical purpose when printing, so it
    looks like it was printed on actual lines. I've set the
    spacing up in these Narratives to work with the JPG lines
    in the background and that seems to work okay. My problem
    is, How do I make the user stop typing when they get to
    the bottom of the last line in the Narrative? If they
    keep typing, they push the rest of the report, (anything
    past the narrative), down, and ruins the rest of the
    report. I will have some people typing in CAPITALS, and I
    will have some people typing in lowercase. So putting a
    word count on the form field is not an option. What I was
    wondering was: Could I assign a macro to the Narrative
    form fields to make the user stop typing, say...after the
    16th line (if that happened to be the last line in the JPG
    image, just an example)...or a line of code to the form
    field stating that they could type until the text wrapped
    16 times. If you could give me some good feedback, and
    help me with a bit of VB, I'd be eternally greatful.
    Thank you,
    Nannette M. Padgett
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    Re: Line count in a Form (Word, VBA)

    If you have suggestions for Nannette, please post them on the Word board in this thread so we can keep all the responses together.

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