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    Front Page or Access? (2000)

    We set up a form in Front Page which the students will fill out for career day. We will have 6 different sessions in which different classes will go to the web page to enter their choices. This information will then filter back to an Access database. What I need help with is, for example, for the career of Doctor, we only want 20 students to be able choose it per session. Then, for the 21st student, we want a message to pop up saying something like "You must choose another career. The limit for this choice have been reached". My question is, how do I set up the limit for each choice the students will choose?
    The information will be stored in a table. A field for the Lastname, FirstName, which session they are in and one for Career. I don't know if it will matter but fields Session and Career will be drop down fields where they will select which session they are in and which career they would like to see.

    Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Front Page or Access? (2000)

    That limit would be controlled in the database. I'm not sure how the info would be returned via FP, but I'm sure it could be. But first you'll have to take a look at your database.
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    Re: Front Page or Access? (2000)

    You should be able to use the Form results component to add the user and career choice to the database.

    To prevent too many people from choosing the same career might be trickier. You can populate the form drop down list (or listbox, etc.) with a live database query, and theoretically it is possible to create a query that returns only the careers that have not already been picked by 20 people. It's too late at night to work out how to do that, but I'm fairly certain it can be done.

    But...if you allow students to interact with the database through multiple computers, this information could become obsolete by the time the student submits the form, so it would be ideal to also check the number of doctors during the validation stage. I don't know whether FP can validate against a database query. You might have to write that code manually, although I don't know how to do that on the client side; usually if I wanted to do something like that I would create an ASP page and submit the form to the ASP page for processing, bypassing the FP forms component. Hope there's an easier way.

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