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    automated capture (IE6)

    What is the best way to download and save locally a graphic file that changes regulary. (every 15 minutes)? I would like to have the opportunity to review the graphics that were there while I was not available at the computer.

    joe harrington

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    Re: automated capture (IE6)

    How about creating an HTML file that contains only the following:

    (1) Code to re-open itself in a new window after 15 minutes.

    (2) An IMG tag to the graphic.

    Since the first window would not refresh itself, it still should show the version that was current as of the time it was downloaded. What I don't know is whether the new window would show the cached version or would retrieve the updated version. Either way, the graphic would not be saved automatically. Accessing the file system from inside the browser is a security issue; probably there's a way to work around it, but maybe it's safer not to go there.

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