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    Printer Margins (2000)

    I'm using Word 2000 on Windows XP, trying to print out invitations. I have done invitations on my computer two other times before with no problems. If I choose a preset size paper in paper size I can choose any margins and it prints great, but when I do a custom size, it will print, but the margins are all wrong. I tried downloading the latest printer drivers from the manufacturer's site, but that didn't help. I even tried re-creating a fresh document from scratch, and that didn't help either. Can anyone offer suggestions please?

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    Re: Printer Margins (2000)

    Hello Dorin
    If by "the margins are all wrong" you mean, that the margins printed do not match the margins you configured, you will probably have to live with it. This is a common problem of most printer drivers: They behave randomly on custom paper sizes. Part of it can be explained with the not standardized paper feeding of custom formats, but of course it is still a nuicance.
    Only suggestion: Do the try and error approach until you have the "correct" settings for your printer driver. Normally the error is consistent and you will be able to find margin settings which will generate the correct printed result.

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