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    This may be useful

    Some time ago i read about a person who kept details about a database in labels on a form within the database. The labels were set to visible - NO so that they are only visible in design time. Quite rightly he said this was a huge boon when returning to a db and needing to refresh your mind as to how the db hangs together.
    Now this chap said he often had 'half a dozen or more' labels on some forms. As I thought this a good idea have tried using a Tab Control in place of a lot of labels as you can put each label on a different tab and tuck it neatly in the corner so it is not in the way at design time. The tabs can be labelled appropriately for easy access to your notes.
    Maybe some of you have tried this and if so, sorry to point out the obvious, others may find it useful.

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    Re: This may be useful

    The advantage that labels have over tab controls is that they don't have the overhead, and they don't get in the way when you want to get at the design itself.

    I tend to heavily comment my code and store information about the database structure in a separate data dictionary database, but I also sometimes include a user-defined system table that holds information about the application. I don't worry too much about the forms, since they tend to explain themselves if you name the controls carefully and consistently.

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