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    Keyboard Shortcut Doesn't (Word 97 SR2)

    Greetings. I operate almost entirely by keyboard shortcuts. All of a sudden (and I didn't change anything except to download an upgrade of Internet Explorer) none of the keyboard shortcuts in the File menu work. All the others do. I have reset almost all of them using Tools/Commands but I can't reset the plain old Alt-f which used to display the list of most recently used documents. I have tried creating a macro to do this but it won't, whether the shortcut for the macro is Alt-f or anything else (I'm not a macro sophisticate).

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Keyboard Shortcut Doesn't (Word 97 SR2)

    Hi Isabel:
    First, go to <!post=this,127986>this<!/post> & see how to determine what Alt+F is assigned to. You might also have to look in Tools/Templates & add-ins & see if you have any global templates loaded. You may have reassigned the keyboard shortcut.

    Also, are you checking the keyboard shortcut in only one document, or have you tried numerous documents? I ask because if you deleted a keyboard assignment in a document, then Word treats that document as not using that shortcut.

    Try starting Word from Start/Run & typing

    winword.exe /a

    If the shortcut works under those circumstances, that means that either your normal template is bad or it's being caused by an add-in.

    Let us know if any of this works for you.

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