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    Switchboard Freezes (Access97 SR1)

    I am creating a switchboard and I want the first button to open a form that consists of a list box of entries and a few command buttons. This form is used to choose an entry and move on to other tasks, so it's not for data entry and the list box is unbound. When I tried to make a button on the switchboard to open this form I noticed that you only have the choice of opening a form in edit mode or add mode. I tried both and Access just freezes. So I tried using a macro to open the form. The macro works fine on its own but when I try to use it in the switchboard, Access freezes again. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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    Re: Switchboard Freezes (Access97 SR1)

    If the form you want to open is unbound, it shouldn't matter whether you open it in Edit or Add mode.

    I don't see a particular reason why opening a form from the switchboard should cause Access to freeze. (See the explanation below). Perhaps your switchboard form or table is corrupt. You might try to re-create it from scratch:
    Delete the Switchboard form and the Switchboard Items table.
    Now create a new switchboard (Tools/Add-inns/...).
    Edit the main switchboard
    Add a new item that opens your form (in edit or add mode)

    HTH, Hans

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    A standard switchboard doesn't do anything special when opening a form. This is what happens:

    The buttons (and labels) on a standard switchboard form have =HandleButtonClick(n) as OnClick event handler (where n = 1, 2, ..., 8). HandleButtonClick is a function in the form module. The part of this function that handles opening a form, says something like:

    ' Open form in Add mode.
    Case conCmdOpenFormAdd
    DoCmd.OpenForm rst![Argument], , , , acAdd

    ' Open form.
    Case conCmdOpenFormBrowse
    DoCmd.OpenForm rst![Argument]

    The constants conCmdOpenForm... are defined at the beginning of the function, and rst![Argument] is the name of the form, taken from the Switchboard Items table.

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