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Thread: ICS Management

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    ICS Management

    I have a second computer sharing the internet via ICS
    My main system has McAfee 6 virus scanner and Zone Alarm firewall ( as I could get file sharing to work but not ICS with the McAfee firewall).

    Does ICS give internet access to the second machine before the virus scanner and firewall or after it?

    Basically, should I be running the same checkers on my second machine or is it already "covered"?
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    Re: ICS Management

    Using the Microsoft implementation of ICS, your virus scanner and firewall should protect the second machine. Given that Zonealarm is free for personal use, I would think about adding it to that second PC, although strictly speaking it should not be necessary. For the record, I would *never* run any system without virus protection installed - standalone or otherwise, since virii can come from floppies and other media as well.

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