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    Importing Messages (Netscape 6.2)

    I had Netscape 4.79 on my computer at work and have just added 6.2 to my home computer. I have the email messages from the office saved on a CD and would like to import them into the 6.2 version on my home computer but cannot figure out how to do so.

    The instructions seem to deal with either importing address books or importing from Outlook.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Importing Messages (Netscape 6.2)

    What format did you save your emails to the CD as?

    The only way I've found to make "outside" emails available is to swap out the inboxes:
    1. Copy the Netscape "Inbox" folder from work onto CD or diskette.
    2. At home, make a new, obvious folder on your C drive (like aaabb or something, which I like to use because that will make it very first in the Windows Explorer folder list), and move the current Netscape 6 Inbox folder to it.
    3. Copy your work Inbox folder into the Netscape 6 location where it's inbox folder was (essentially replacing it).
    4. When you start netscape mail, your inbox should now be the inbox from work, emails included.

    This solution, unfortunately, doesn't let you use both your work and home Inboxes together at the same time, but should work if you need to work with your job's email at home. When you're done, just put the original Inbox you saved back.

    Another, easier way would be to forward the emails to yourself and then open them at home.


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