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    Auto forwarding problem (office XP)

    Somehow, my boss seems to have set up on his computer to forward his mail to his hand held device. (he doesn't know how!! (go figure)).
    The result, which is really cheesing everyone off, is that whenever anyone on our network sends him an e-mail we get a "non-deliverable" message similar to as follows:

    The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

    Jens Mobile on 17/04/02 12:00
    Your mail system could not find a way to successfully communicate with the destination system. Please notify your administrator.

    Can anyone tell me how I can turn this off without having to call in "the administrator" which would no doubt cost loads of dosh!

    All ideas welcome.

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    Re: Auto forwarding problem (office XP)

    From Outlook on his machine, try going to Tools-Rules Wizard. If a message pops up requesting that you choose either Client or Server, choose Server. Look in the list of Rules (if there are any) and delete the one that is forwarding messages to his hand held (if there is one).

    I'm giving you these instructions using 2000, and I'm sorry I don't remember if XP's rules are any different.

    Hope this helps,

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