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    Word looks for clip art on 'D' drive (2000)


    I got the message from a client.


    I'm hoping you can help me with this problem. I've reinstalled MSOffice 2000 on my computer. When I click Insert/Picture/Clipart I get the Clip Gallery and all the little pics to search through and choose from. But when I click on any of the little pics (either to insert of preview) all I get is an error message saying "the picture XXX is stored on a disk. Insert disk." WhenI click "look elsewhere" I see that the Clip Gallery is looking on the D: drive for this picture. How can I get the Clip Gallery to look to the folder where all the clipart pics are saved?

    I've installed all the clip art onto my hard drive and set it to search on the hard drive rather than on the Office CD. I did this through the Control Panel using the MSOffice CD #2.

    I've gone in MSWord to Tools/Options/File Location and modified the clip art search path to Program Files/MS Office/Clipart.

    I thought taking the above action would solve this problem but from the Clip Gallery, it is still looking for these clip pics on the D: drive.

    I've had this problem before and since I've just installed a new hard drive, windows and MSOffice, the problem has returned and I can't recall how I solved it last time.<hr>
    Can you help?

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    Re: Word looks for clip art on 'D' drive (2000)

    I think you need to use REGEDIT to do this. Look for registry keys under
    <font color=blue>[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftClipArt Gallery5.0]</font color=blue>
    that have path names in them


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