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    Clip Art Gallery (Office 2000/ WinXP)

    I thought that all MS products shared a clip-art gallery, but I must be mistaken. The computer came with Works 2002 which has a different set of pics. I'd like to import the Works pictures into the Office gallery, but I don't even know how to FIND the Works pictures. Can you help?

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    Re: Clip Art Gallery (Office 2000/ WinXP)

    First of all, try to locate your Works Clipart Gallery. It suppose to be on your installation CD (or CDs) and, if you performed full installation, on your hard drive. If you use MSWorks 2000, try to locate your Clip Gallery Catalog (with .cil extension).
    Then, open Office application (say, Word) and from Insert menu choose Picture | ClipArt. Then click Import Clips (in the middle of upper side of the window) and in the next window, from "Files of Type" drop-down list, choose "Clip Gallery Catalogs", then navigate to your Works catalog ( .cil).
    If you can not find the catalog, you can import clips one by one: live "All Pictures" intact in the "Files of Type", and navigate to your Works CLIPART folder. But, in this case, you must add keywords to each clip manually.
    I hope it will help you.

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