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    Problem with Scheduled Task

    The NT machine in our office has been running a scheduled task that runs a small .bat file that copies 3 files to a folder on the server. This was set to run after hours and was doing so (as shown via the log file.) The other day, we noticed that the task had failed to run and had produced the log entry of:

    "Task Scheduler Service"
    Exited at 4/8/02 10:17:45 AM
    "Task Scheduler Service"
    Started at 4/8/02 10:19:41 AM

    It has not run since this day and the only thing we can think of is a network password change as required by the server.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for us please?
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    Re: Problem with Scheduled Task

    It looks like the problem is in your BAT file, if it ran once and failed to run second time. Most probably it can not overwrite existing file with the same name. Run your BAT file manually and check the result.

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