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    All,<br><br>I'm kinda new arou


    I'm kinda new around here.

    I know how to mark read all forums. My question is, How do I mark a specific forum as read, without marking the others?

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    Re: All,<br><br>I'm kinda new arou

    The only way I can think of to mark individual forums as 'Read' is to enter them.
    From the Main Index, hold shift as you open a forum you want marked read and it wil open in a new window - as soon as it begins to open, kill it.
    Repeat with all the others you want so marked.
    Hit F5 to refresh the MI view and they will all appear without unread posts marked against them.

    If you then enter that Forum, the unread posts remain marked as unread unless (or until) you close down IE and start it again.

    If it is simply a matter of unwanted forums distracting you and you don't ever visit them, consider changing your default view to be your 'Controls' rather than the Main Index. In the main view of each Forum there is an icon - <IMG SRC=> - clicking on it will add it to your Favourite Forums. You can basically build your own personalised Main Index view in your Control Panel.

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