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    Table Corruption (Word 97 and 2002)

    A table was created in Word 2002, edited in 97 and when the user pressed tab to move to a different cell the text converted to all yyyyyy's with umlauts! To recover we selected the text in the table, converted the table to text and then it was fine. We're concerned about other underlying compatibility issues and the ability to recover text if it does become corrupted. Does anyone know what the issue here is?
    The office is moving from 97 to 2002, and althought we have said documents do not move well back and forth, the inevitable moves back and forth do occur.
    I have queried MS support with little result.
    Thanks for any suggestions -

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    Re: Table Corruption (Word 97 and 2002)


    One thing to try would be to set Compatibility for the document back to Word 97, before trying to edit it in 97. I don't have Word 2002 but if it works the same as Word 2000, you can get set compatibility via Tools > Options > Compatibility. You may have to keep switching the compability setting when moving back and forth between 97 and 2002 - it's best to work on the file with compatibility set to whatever version of Word you are working with.

    In Word 2000 a number of new table features were added (such as ability to nest tables within tables); this required a change in the way Word tables are structured and sometimes leads to problems when moving back and forth between Word versions.


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