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    RE: Selecting Ranges (VBA, Excel97, etc)

    I am new at the VBA part. I have been using spreadsheets for as far back as "SUPERCALC", so I have a pretty good handle on Excel.

    I guess I should think this thing out in its' entirity before I squeak. Below is the sub I use to get the text file into a worksheet;

    Sub GetViewFile()
    ' GetViewFile Macro
    ' Macro recorded 4/18/2002 by ochalo

    ' 'Open Dialog box is displayed and
    'user selects file to be opened and clicks "OK"
    myFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("Text Files,*.txt")
    'Opens the selected fine in the current worksheet
    Workbooks.OpenText _
    FileName:=myFile, _
    Origin:=xlWindows, _
    StartRow:=1, _
    DataType:=xlDelimited, _
    TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, _
    FieldInfo:=Array(1, 1)
    End Sub

    This is probably somewhat inelegent to most of you. But it seemed to be a miracle when I figured out how to get the
    textfile into a worksheet.

    My ultimate goal is to create a list which I can use as a database. Hoping I will be able to move the thing from EXCEL to ACCESS. This should be a pretty good learning experience.

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    Re: RE: Selecting Ranges (VBA, Excel97, etc)

    Did you have a question relating to this code? If this is related to either of the other threads you started, you can't expect other loungers to figure that out. If you need assistance, please explain what you are trying to do and what isn't working or where you need help. Then someone can try to assist you.

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