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    outline numbering incompatibilities (Word)

    I have a word 97 document with no outline numbering in Headings 1, 2, 3. When I open the document in Word 2000, all three levels are numbered and I cannot make the numbering go away. I have gone into Heading 1 style and set numbering for none. I've also tried setting numbering to none in Headings 2 and 3. When I save the document, all the numbers come right back into the headings.

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    Re: outline numbering incompatibilities (Word)

    Do the following tests:

    Open the document in Word 2000, and go to Tools > Templates and Add-Ins to display the dialog.
    In the dialog, is there a checkmark next to 'Automatically update document styles'? - if there is, take away the checkmark - this should enable you to redefine the Heading styles in your document, and have the changes stick.

    Before clicking OK, make note of the name of the template listed in the dialog - does it say 'Normal'? - if so, it's likely that the Heading styles have been redefined in the Normal template to have numbering associated with them - you could test this by creating a new blank document, applying Heading styles and seeing if they have numbering associated with them.

    If they do, locate your Normal template itself, open it, and edit the Heading styles so that they have no numbering associated with them.

    Hope this helps,

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