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    Large Linked Excel Sheet

    I have a user who wants to link to an Excel 2000 sheet in his Word 2000 document. Normally this is no great challenge, but I've found that if the sheet is larger than will fit on one page (this one is 10 columns by ~250 rows), it's converted to a table. As a table, Word automatically adds the necessary pages, but when the user double-clicks the cell, he's just editing the contents of that cell instead of launching Excel in edit mode. Updating formulas in this manner is very awkward (but not impossible, using Table, Formula... form the menu). He can edit the original sheet directly in Excel, then go back to the doc and update the link, but that's cumbersome. Is it possible to insert a link to an Excel sheet in such a way that it crosses Word's page breaks and remains an Excel object (e.g. not converted to a table)?

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    Re: Large Linked Excel Sheet

    Hi Doug,

    Sorry, an embedded object will not span more than one page in a Word document.

    The linked table is really the only way to do this.

    All I can suggest at this point would be a couple of shortcuts:

    - You should be able to right-click the linked table and use Linked Worksheet Object/Edit Link to quickly open the Excel Worksheet to make any changes
    - To quickly update the linked table, select it and press the update field command, <F9>


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    Re: Large Linked Excel Sheet

    Thanks, BAM. You've confirmed what I suspected.

    The problem isn't so much the editing of the sheet, but that only one page worth of data gets displayed. On his 250 row sheet, only ~60 rows show in the document. He can
    double-click the Excel object, then get acces to the scroll bars and edit whatever he needs to, but once he "closes" the object, he's back to just 60 rows. Thanks anyway for the super-fast response!


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