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    Thoughts on using XL as a Personal Organiser (97)

    I'm interested in how people use XL as a personal organiser. My own method is as follows:

    I have a workbook which is always open (and I prob alt tab to it 50 times a day)

    SHEET1: (things to do -tasks/appointments etc)
    ....column A: date of task or appointment (if applicable)
    ....column B: who I've got to see etc (if applicable)
    ....column C: actual task/appointment

    I've set conditional formatting so that if the date in column A is less than 24 hours away the cell automatically turns red (24-72 hours away the date cell turns blue), and i regularly use the sort keys to sort by whichever column.

    SHEET2; things which I may or may not get around to doing -(mostly ideas for future projects). I review the stuff in this sheet occasionally, but not often enough- it currently stands at around 50 "ideas"- few of which I now feel I'll ever get involved in. Yet I can't help feeling that I might get around to using them...

    SHEET3 my constant things to do list- what I've gotta do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Phone numbers. My vacation days.

    SHEET4; my 1% file: stuff I've deleted from sheets 1 & 2. Only a 1% chance I'll ever use something in this worksheet- but no harm in having it I guess.

    SHEET5: diary of completed appointments etc transferred from SHEET1 (if I think they are memorable enough).

    SHEET6: Learning Log: General (job related or otherwise). My logic is that if I find out something useful, it's handy to keep myself aware of it. Example entry "7% inflation over 6 yrs halves value of yr money".

    SHEET7 Learning Log: -PC related.

    At various times in the past I've kept learning logs on various other topics.

    Anyway in these days when we can be bombarded with information this is what I feel works best for me. I never have ask anyone to remind me to do anything, and I never have to stick a post-it note on the side of the monitor.

    How do others use XL as an organisation tool?

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    Re: Thoughts on using XL as a Personal Organiser (97)

    I have used Excel not so much as a personal organizer but as a way to track assigments/projects I've delegated to people. Columns contain the who, what, when due, when assigned, status, status as of, and notes/comments.

    I also used conditional formatting with a green, yellow, red (like a traffic light) to show on or behind schedule.

    It has been useful since I use auto-filter to display projects by person, by priority, by task, etc (yes, I didn't list all my columns). This is very useful at performance appraisal time since it serves as a journal of accomplishments (or failure to accomplish).

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