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    Fat32 and NTFS (xp home addition)

    Running xp home edition and its cratored 99% of the cpu is being used by svchost.exe from which I understand happens on xp and win 2k and takes some regestry hacks. Mine seems alittle more sever than some of the ones Ive read about so not even sure I can get into the regestry. But before I do that I need to get some files off the hd. MY QUESTION is can I install 98se on a seperate hd to be master and set up the xp hd as slave and read and copy those files and does it matter if the files are on a fat32 or a ntfs file system, any help would be a preciated

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    Re: Fat32 and NTFS (xp home addition)

    Windows 98 can see FAT32 partitions but not NTFS.

    Boot from Windows XP Installation CD and choose "Repair" option.

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