My son-in-law tried to install Flight Simulator 2002 on his Win98SE machine. It's a custom-built computer with a 1 GHz processor. The short story: The install apparently went very, very bad, and now his computer is virtually useless. Control Panel, he says, takes like four minutes to open. Same with MS-Word. Outlook Express is totally useless, but IE6.0 works, so he can get his Hotmail via the usual route.

He's asked me for advice, but I'm not really good at this aspect of computers. I'm gonna tell him to follow the advice Phil Rabichow gave me here once upon a time (back when I was still using Win98 on my old machine). The advice was as follows:

"Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode (NOT an MS-DOS window). At the prompt, type:
smartdrv.exe and press enter.
Then type: scanreg /fix /opt & press enter."

Phil...anybody: Is there anything else I can tell him, short of completely reinstalling Windows? By the way, he did try to uninstall Flight Simulator, but nothing he's tried so far has done him any good.

What about using regedit to revert to an earlier registry? Thanks!