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    Main / Sub Documents (W2K)

    We are in the process of writing a big documentation paper - 8 people will work together. We intend to use Main / Sub Documents, because we pobably will be able to reuse a lot of the text in different chapters - using Sub Documents for this will provide an easy way for us to maintain the documentation (we think). Before we plunge into writing we have two questions:

    1. Are there any known problems related to the fact that we will be 8 people working on the same Main Document? As far as we can see Word's handling looks OK (warnings when two people open the same Sub Document), but we would appreciate any comments or best practice on this issue.

    2. The final documentation will concist of one Main Document with many Sub Documents - we would like to produce (release) this as one complete document (we want a copy of the complete documentation with the info on links to Sub Documents substituted with the actual text). The only way we have seen to do this is to copy/paste the entire document (in unfolded condition) into a new document , but there may be another (smarter) way?

    All comments appreciated ...

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    Re: Main / Sub Documents (W2K)

    Firstly - don't do it. It's not so much whether your document will become corrupt as when. You will very probably be testing the quality of your backups before long if you try this. If you search this message board for Master Document you will find, for example, Post 129882 with dire warnings.

    In reply to your second question. You can create a single document again by the following actions
    <UL><LI>Open the master document
    <LI>View => outline
    <LI>Expand Subdocuments (from the outlining toolbar)
    <LI>Select All (Control A or however you prefer)
    <LI>Remove Subdocuments (from the outlining toolbar)
    <LI>File => Save
    <LI>View => Print Layout (or whatever view you prefer to continue editing in)[/list]This leaves all the content in a single document, just as though you had never used sub documents in the first place


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