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    Long file names in Common Dialog (97 SR-1)

    Are long file names and Multiselect mutually exclusive in the Common Dialog control? I have tried the following flags:

    objCommonControl.flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect AND cdlOFNLongNames

    objCommonControl.flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect OR cdlOFNLongNames

    The first syntax displays the long filenames, but disallows Multiselect, while the second syntax allows Multiselect, but displays only the short filenames. I have had the same results bypassing the CommonControl Obj, and writing to the API using a wrapper function.

    I want a File Open dialog that displays long filenames AND allows Multiselect. Thanks
    Jack MacDonald
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: Long file names in Common Dialog (97 SR-1)

    Use cdlOFNExplorer (&H80000) instead of cdlOFNLongNames:

    objCommonControl.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect + cdlOFNExplorer

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    From Microsoft documentation:

    Indicates that any customizations made to the Open or Save As dialog box use the new Explorer-style customization methods. (...)
    By default, the Open and Save As dialog boxes use the Explorer-style user interface regardless of whether this flag is set. This flag is necessary only if you provide a hook procedure or custom template, or set the OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT flag.

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