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    Form Macro Questions (1)

    Hello all,

    I have a few questions that maybe a few of can answer for me.

    1) I want to create a userform in word. How do I make it so this form is opened from my form (ie as I do in a form field as I assign a field to a macro on entry or exit)? Or can I assign it to button? Can this userform reference the objects that are in my VB Macro Modules. I want to add drop downs on the fly and to populate them. Can I set a property that will put the dropdown in a specific location? or will it just be at the top? or can I make the dropdown hidden? Right now I have my drop downs hidden in the top grey bar of the document (see attachement) I also need to find information on how to use (ie program) the ActiveX controls (ie the Calendar.ocx). Does anyone know where I can find such information. (ie methods and properties - I tried to find this information in the help file but to no evail.)

    2) Can one change the color (the grey color) of form fields within the word document?

    3) I want to set my dropdowns to say "Select from list" everytime a user restarts using the form. Right now I have the following code

    ActiveDocument.FormFields("BusinessUnitClass").Dro pDown.Value = 1
    ActiveDocument.FormFields("BusinessUnitClass").Sel ect

    This code sets the value to the first value in the dropdown. Then the user is placed back in the field that they need to select from. The only problem with this is that i assign the macro to the entry of the field before the macro. So a user only sees that they need to select if they tab through the field. If they use their mouse, the validation does not work. Any possible resolutions to this?

    4) Does the focus method exist in VB forms macros?

    Thank you all for your help!

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    Re: Form Macro Questions (1)


    Loads of questions but unclear starting points:

    Are you talking about a userform (customized dialog box, created using the VB Editor), or are you talking about a Word form (created in the Word document itself, for use in a protected form document) - or are you trying to tie both together? These are completely different animals and working with them is completely different.

    Can you try attaching the document again? - perhaps this will make it clearer what you're trying to do.


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