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    Auto disconnect (IE 6.0)

    My internet connection stays on all the time but I want it to disconnect automatically if the connection has been idle for 20 min. I have made the necessary alterations under the Connections tab in IE and in the settings tab under the network connections Properties. But it still stays on. Is there somewhere else I need to go?


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    Re: Auto disconnect (IE 6.0)

    Possibly to your phone supplier.

    In the UK we have a sort of deregulated phone system - you can rent your line from BT, but buy your phone calls from A.N.Other, usually by dialling an access code in front of the number. A lot of these suppliers offer a box that plugs into your phone socket and does the deed for you. My father had one for his business run from home - and it failed to hang up the phone line after a period of activity, despite all his settings being correct.

    I don't know if this is directly applicable to you (NZ or Oz, right?), but it's worth considering.


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