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    Still Need HELP..Word / Access (2000)

    I am still waiting for someone to help me with the following problem: I HAVE posted it, but no one has responded with a solution.....Please, if it can be done show me how!

    I work at a Funeral Home and I am currently using MS Access & WORD 2000, and I have a database of records I want to print certain fields onto a Pre-Printed form....namely a Death Certificate.

    I thought I had it all figured out after lining up the fields to print the SSN, Sex, Name, date of Death etc., onto the pre-printed-form. It worked fine with the "one name I was playing with", the problem came when I decided to print another Death Certificate with a new record I have in the Database.
    The name, or new record, of course had different information and different "lengths" of a name, etc.

    The "Mail Merge document" I had created using the "one name" to practice with, didn't work when I Merged "any other name" onto it....the Fields Moved on the Merge document.....the info wouldn't place in the same boxes each time, etc.

    The same thing happened when I had someone in the database that didn't have a middle name.

    Below are some of the Fields I have in my Access Database:

    FName for First Name
    MName for Middle Name
    LName for Last Name

    Is there a way to place my Fields on a Mail Merge document and have them remain in ONE PLACE no matter "what data" I have in the Access Database??????

    I sure hope you can help me on this.

    PLEASE send replies to me via eMail at: .........Thanks


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    Re: Still Need HELP..Word / Access (2000)

    Although I can understand your feelings of frustration, it is not such a good idea to post the same question in 2 forums. I have posted a reply in this"]">this thread[/url] in the Access forum.

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