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    Arabic Spell Checking

    I am running Office 2000 SR-1 (English/US) on Windows Me (English/US). I use Word for my translation work, which involves both Arabic and English. Office 2000 Proofing Tools is installed for this puprose.

    Recently, I have noticed that Arabic spell checking is not working anymore. Spell checking in English and other languages is working fine. Arabic grammar check also is working fine, but not the spelling. I don't now what triggered this failure. I have tried repairing the installation, as well as uninstalling then reinstalling, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions? This function is vital for my work. Thank you.


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    Re: Arabic Spell Checking

    Try selecting ProgramFiles|Microsoft Office Tools|Office Language Settings and re-installing Arabic language tools.

    Thereafter, try Control Panel|Keyboard|Language tab and set Arabic as a keybaord choice.

    Hope one of these works for you.

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