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    Just Upgraded (XP Home Edition)

    I just upgraded from 98 to XP Home Edition and except for a few minor problems everything seems to be working OK. However, when I turn on my computer I do not get the "New Look" of XP, I get the desktop I had with 98. How do I get the "New Look"? Next when I click Start and then Control Panel I am not able to get the Control Panel in the "Category View". Even when I click on Switch to Category View I still get the view with a series of icons not the category view. Any suggestions? Appreciate any help!

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    Re: Just Upgraded (XP Home Edition)

    Just Right click the Start button and select Properties. Then select "Start Menu" within the Start menu tab. This will give you the new look.

    Being that you did a upgrade over 98, XP maintained you settings from 98.

    You have the setting "Expand Control" selected in the customise area of "Classic Start Menu". When you select the new "Start Menu" this setting may be ingnorred, if not go and clear the check mark.

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