Wasn't sure where to get help on this subject so I though i'd try here:
I have been trying to set up an FTP server using BulletProof FTP (evaluation version) - but have tried some others and they seem to do the same thing. I don't have much info as I'm not sure whats needed, but if more is needed enable to help me, then please ask for it.

I have set up a user and can access it locally, however, if I try to access it from another source, it hangs when its trying to list what is in the folder.
The login is successful according to the ftp server program.

Win 98 2nd edition using Internet Connection Sharing (with "obtain IP automatically"). Two network cards installed, one with a fixed IP for the LAN, the other with "Obtain IP automatically" for my cable internet connection.

I tried to use the Serv-U trial software, which is apparently the most commonly used, but it wouldn't seem to run online - when I clicked Start Server, the status would change to "Running" for a second then change to "Offline". In the License part it said the trial software was out of date and to download a new version from their ftp - which I did, and it said the same thing.

Any help would be much appreciated.