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    Conversion from Symantec Q&A (Word 2002)

    After too many years, we recently upgraded our computers and software. We have for years been using Symantec's Q&A for DOS for our word processing needs (using a Windows 95, Intel 486 computer). Our new Gateway computer came with Office XP.

    I can not find a way to open the old Q&A documents in Word. Is there a conversion module available?

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    Re: Conversion from Symantec Q&A (Word 2002)

    As an interim solution (ie before someone comes up with a better way) you probably have three options.

    1. If you still have the old machine there, open the file you need and try to save it into a format that Word XP will import. Ones that might work are RTF, any version of Word or maybe even text only. It will be a case of suck-it-and-see to work out which one comes across the best.

    2. If you dont have access to the old software then open Word and do a File|Open and choose a format of "Recover text from file". This will at least bring in the text but the formatting will be lost. NOTE. THIS IMPORT SETTING IS STICKY, MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR NEXT WORD DOCUMENT.

    3. Load Q&A on your new machine and it may well work flawlessly. That gives you the option to stay with what you know OR copy and paste the content into a gleaming new Word document and go from there.

    If you have Acrobat versions of the Q&A files you could try that path also.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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