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    MAKING field 'disappear' in form (Access 97)

    I am giving a presentation via form and I have several fields on my form. Not all fields have information in them in each record. Is there any way to make the field size reduced when there is nothing in there for that particular record or make the field (and label if possible) disappear when there is no info and reappear when there is. Also, is it possible to make the field size grow and shrink to the amount of text that is in there...some of my fields have a few words and some have sentences.

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    Re: MAKING field 'disappear' in form (Access 97)

    You can make form field invisible by setting the visibile property of a control to false in the Current event of the form. This does NOT work with continuous forms, since all the visible instances of the control will behave the same way, whether it applies to that record or not.

    Although form controls have Can Grow and Can Shrink properties, they only apply if you print the form, not if you just display it. It is possible to change the size of controls through code, but it isn't worth the effort required and you would have to do much more than just change the size of the field.

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