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    Palm 505 and WinXP (XP )

    Hello out there!
    I've got a serious problem and definitely no idea how to fix it. I'm the proud owner of a palm 505. The docking station is connected to the computer via USB. Windows XP is the operating system. After installing the software for the handheld I was able to synchronize my data once It worked very well and I was very lucky. But then I became courageous and tried it again after a couple of days. And then I had to learn, that it didn't work anymore! Since then I try to make it work again, but every attempt failed. I tried to deinstall the drivers and software and installed it again - no success! I even changed the docking station because I found out that a special series caused some trouble. This improved another effect but didn't help on this one.
    Does anybody have a suggestion?
    Any help is appreciated!

    Greetings, Porley

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    Re: Palm 505 and WinXP (XP )

    Are you using USB for the docking station?

    I've got a M105 with serial docking station and Palm's serial to USB adapter. Their USB drivers seem a bit funky. I normally had to unplug and replug the USB adapter in for the Palm device to be recognized after each bootup. Finally, there was a conflict between the Palm USB and the USB sensor on my new uninterruptible power supply.

    I went back to using the Palm on a serial port.

    Next stop will be a Compaq Ipaq.


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