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    disappearing Excel doc (Excel 2002)

    Here's the scenario: An existing spreadsheet or Word document is edited and changes are saved, but the document is closed using the DocClose terminate "X" button, rather than the file close menu option. When we try to retrieve the document, the file is gone--we do a search and Windows cannot find the file at all. this has happened in Word documents as well--does anyone know of issues with using the "X" button relative to this problem?

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    Re: disappearing Excel doc (Excel 2002)

    Are you saying that you can no longer retrieve the document at all (which it appears that you mean), or simply that your changes are lost?

    On your Control Panel|Folders Options, do you have "Show all Files and Folders" checked? If you do not, then, if the file has gone into a hidden folder then you will not be able to find it with a Windows search - even though the file is still on your hard disk.

    If you have saved the file, you should be still able to access it from the list of Most Recently Used files on the File command on your main menu bar in Excel or Word. Hover your mouse over the drop-down list (or click on the down arrows) so that the full list is shown. (BTW in Tools|Options - in both programs - have you re-set the "show most recently used files" option to its maximum?) HTH

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