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    CHKDSK (XP Home)

    I have tried using chkdsk both with a command window and also through GUI under mangage my computer. I tells me that I need to reboot for this to work which I do. After it has done its thing checking through five stages and finding no errors, I am informed that I need to wait for the computer to restart. I have waited as long as forty five minutes and it seems to be locked. I can only restart if I unplug the computer. The restart button on my Dell is non functional and task manager is not available. Does anyone have any advice? The computer is working fine with no quirks, lock ups or error messages (except for the problem I am presenting.) Thanks.

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    Re: CHKDSK (XP Home)

    Don't know how to keep it from locking up in the first place but you may be able to have it reboot by holding in the power button for 15 to 30 seconds. This trick has worked for me on a few computers and some other electronic devices that appeared frozen or locked up.
    H Lewton

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