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    Combining Task-based and Full-scale Project Plans

    I have a need to schedule a number of resources across a range of small tasks (typically a few days), and major projects (typically a large body of work requiring multiple resources).

    I happily use Project 98 to schedule projects, and I can separately manage a range of small tasks using Project 98 as well.

    What I want to be able to do is to merge the 2 sets of plans (i.e. a Project 98 "plan" which is a set of separate tasks performed by individual resources i.e. the tasks are all independent, and do not collectively form a project, and one or more actual major projects which utilise a number of resources that overlap with those in the collective task plan).

    I want to be able to have a view of all resources irrespective of whether they are working on tasks within a specific project, or non-project (i.e. "small") tasks.

    The major reason being one of scheduling future work based on available resources, and determining delivery dates. In addition, being able to determine impacts on current schedules if a new (higher priority) piece of work needs to be undertaken by certain resources - i.e. what work slips if I need to take away selected resources to work on something new.

    I hope all of the above makes sense. I am certain this can be done with Microsoft Project - I have tried creating a master project, but I cannot get resource leveling to operate across all the sub-projects within the master project.

    Any guidance/hints/thoughts will be greatly appreciated. (My search of the Web did not find me anything in this area). Thanks.

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    Re: Combining Task-based and Full-scale Project Plans

    Have you tried using one shared resource pool?

    I always define a "Resource Project" that contains all my resource details, but no tasks.

    I then refer my master project (that does nothing else but include all subprojects) and my subprojects (that do all the real work) to the "Resource Project" .

    Look in the Project help under "Share Resources Between Projects" for details.

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