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Thread: System Standby

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    System Standby

    I have XP Professional running on a new Gateway desktop and a LaserJet 3100 four function printer. The printer is not totally supported by HP on XP (i.e., the solution is to use a Win2000 install CD for the printer). The printer and all functions do work. However, I get a "Systems Standby Failed" follows: "The Device Drivers for the "Printer Port Logical Interface" device prevented the machine from entering the standby mode. I get this from time to time and the machine has been idle for some time.

    While the answer to this question may be evident (no up to date print drivers), is there a work around for this problem?


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    Re: System Standby

    As a workaround, try to Hibernate. This takes longer, because RAM gets written to disk, but I have found it more stable on my laptop. You can set up the power conservation options and/or screen saver options to Hibernate rather than Standby if it works.

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